franklearns…In the beginning

I’m happy to be able to post this blog for the MiraCosta Online Teaching program-I’ve been travelling the past couple of days and had promises of Wi-Fi accessible hotels turn out to be wishful thinking on the part of hotel management. Finally, I’m in a Ramada in Bangor, ME with great service and a great Internet connection.

I’m Frank Vandenburg and I split my time between the New Brunswick Dept of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour and our Community College system. I’m looking forward to this course, in my work with post-secondary institutions in New Brunswick, Canada, I’m often working with groups of people to incorporate new strategies, or service delivery methods or some sort of new software into the educational delivery activities in the province. I’m finding myself training educators and other institutional staff and including more online training as a result.

So this course should provide some new connections, some innovative ideas and a chance to try some of the things I’ve been slowly incorporating into my work at a much more comfortable pace.

( And no Diigo problems to mention *fingers crossed* )

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5 Responses to franklearns…In the beginning

  1. Jim Julius says:

    Good to “meet” you, Frank. Sounds like you do some interesting work – do you have different responsibilities across your two work areas or do you have one job that has a big umbrella?

    • franklearns says:

      Hi Jim, it’s been more of a case of responsibilities begun with the college taking on a provincial importance as our provincial government has brought about new post-secondary initiatives. Until May 2010 the college system was a direct part of the provincial government and so working between both was rather common. Since that time, the college system is more autonomous and board governed and most peoples’ work has ended up falling into one organization or the other. For the next while, mine still spans both.

  2. vcvaile says:

    I need a nap – saw “franklearns” but read it as “frankenlearning” but then thought “not a bad name for the open learning experience. I can identify with “slowly incorporating into my work at a much more comfortable pace.”

    • franklearns says:

      Some days it feels like a monster has been created with all of the changes we are trying to accomplish, but overall it’s very exciting and thinking about the future benefits for learners makes it rewarding.

  3. vcvaile says:

    game changers afoot for sure – I find it exciting too and keep trying to explain it to suspicious colleagues, most wearing wooden shoes. I’m not having much success.

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