A Hat Trick in the 3rd Period

Just before this class week ends, let me post the goals I’ve decided to challenge myself with as a result of the insights I discovered that are mentioned in the previous post.

(1) Given my interest in Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), I’ve decided to begin my next teaching/training session with a discussion of reflective tools, then share the learning outcomes I’ve developed (as discussed in Ko) and provide the learners the opportunity to reflect on and narrate their previous experience through ways such as annotated bookmarks, a reflective blog post, narrated desktop video using something like Screenr or whatever other combination of tools and activities they might like to try. This will help them identify their prior learning and help them to develop an overall strategy to learn the information they are the least familiar with.

(2) For that training I will develop at least 3 online pieces of content to help support learners and to model good practice per the 7 practices document. Should learners base themselves too much on these, we will discuss it and find a reasonable resolution.

(3) I will share this content using social media to benefit others and to show learners how their work and actions can impact and benefit others. To this end, per the 7 practices document I will encourage them to share what they produce in order to receive new evidence of achievement as people respond and interact with it.

Those are my goals. Do they seem lofty or modest to you? Any thoughts on how I can most effectively bring them into reality?

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