Not a silly bus, but it does get you to your destination with a smile

Both the Ko text and the video focused on the syllabus in its role before and during the class-to help students understand the flow of learning activities; to find relevant resources that demonstrate or represent one view of a topic for discussion or to understand the expected interaction between learners and instructor with regard to time, effort and a number of other variables.

One area that seemed to be downplayed was the role of the syllabus in assessment for credit transfer or prior learning, two activities that are growing among today’s learners both online and off.

In both cases the syllabus serves as a key starting point for the advisor or assessor who is attempting to understand what might have been learned in the course and how it might have been assessed. Having an interactive syllabus that links to key resources located on the web can provide an even more valuable tool for the assessor.

However, if that syllabus has been developed in a tool like Blackboard or another LMS it be impossible, or at best difficult for the assessor to gain access to it. As I read the text and watched the video, both of which highlighted the benefits of an interactive syllabus, I realized that at least one tool could provide the best of both worlds.

Adobe Acrobat.

Acrobat can provide the benefits of a print document (portability, intuitive use, ease of annotation) with the benefits of an interactive syllabus (inclusion of multiple media and hyperlinks, permitting non-linear content browsing and in the case of a pdf portfolio, including multiple documents in multiple formats within one pdf document.

I would suggest that these documents would support learners in two ways: 1) by providing them with strong learning support and resources during their time of study and 2) by making it easier for that learning to be recognized later on should the learner pursue additional studies and choose to seek recognition.

I don’t think I could have articulated that argument before this Week’s learning, but now that I understand it, it only makes sense to me to make the explanation of learning as rich, clear and appealing as the learning is supposed to be, and interactive syllabi do that job well.

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